09-09-09 Beatles Roundup

Sep 08 2009

Happy 090909 Eve!

I’ve been waiting since later October 2008 for this. Luckily I have stuff to amuse me this evening, otherwise I’d go nuts. My agenda tomorrow is not exactly what I had in mind, but it’s what the fates have decreed for me.

8:00 - Best Buy at Mall of America to see their Beatles extravaganza and buy the stereo box set.

9:30 - I talked to the guy who is opening GameStop tomorrow morning, and he said he’ll probably be there around 9:30, and so will I.

10:00 - Listen to CDs or set up Rock Band? I can’t decide.

1:00ish - The Higher Power has informed me that I need to remember the real world and all its pain on this day. My aunt is having triple bypass surgery in the morning, so I’m going to the hospital to be with the family.

4:00 - Call into a work meeting.

5:00-onwards - Play/listen/play/listen/eat/play/listen/etc….

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