09-09-09 Beatles Roundup

Sep 06 2009

The reviews come in

IGN: 9.0

Joystiq: positive, but denounces the last 3 minutes of I Want You. I hope this guy also hates Dream Theater in Guitar Hero World Tour.

Sep 05 2009

Oh Darling video — not available until October 20 with Abbey Road DLC


Unboxing Beatles Rock Band (Xbox)

  • The Hofner does include the narrower buttons up the neck.
  • The drums look awesome
  • It came with postcards - the visible one is the cover of Beatles for Sale
  • The game holder says something about a free t-shirt
  • The mic stand looks good
Sep 04 2009


Last song revealed in this video. It’s the one I didn’t want, but oh well.


Expert guitar for Getting Better. Kinda lame dreamscape, but this looks doable for me and my Medium guitar skillz.

For some reason, the track stops short of the dangling guitar. The song has a hard end, but they went for an even harder end. Disappointing.

Also, they tack on Paul’s “plastic soul, man” quip from recording I’m Down, as heard on Anthology 2.


Expert I Saw Her Standing There. A comment says “the hardest bass song is harder than´╗┐ the hardest guitar song”. That would be expected by many Beatles fans, I think.


Get Back on expert drums, which is apparently the hardest drum song. I admit that even I feel like this looks fairly easy compared to other expert drum songs I’ve seen. Oh, Ringo…


Someone shows us I Am the Walrus on expert “guitar”. I say “guitar” with some trepidation since it’s doing the organ and violin parts.

We find that there’s a splash screen in the studio control room showing us the date of recording, which is nice. We hear chatter and the song begins. It’s fun to hear the cold endings to these songs with fade outs. After the take, John says “oh yeah, that’s my baby!” as your score is given. Love it.

Sep 03 2009

This user shows us the 44 songs and their difficulty levels.


A user controlling with the drums shows all of the Beatles Rock Band menus. It gets really cool around 3:00.

I’m not sure what configurations are new to Beatles Rock Band compared to Rock Band 2, so I won’t detail anything here. The prizes and awards are interesting though.

  • You can unlock more instrument icons
  • There is a Performance Mode so you can just watch the videos for the songs (that explains all the videos put out by Harmonix)
  • You can have multiple Story Modes. I’m sure these are synonymous with bands in GH and RB.
  • You can unlock photos (we knew) but you can also unlock movies, which takes a better score than the photos. These are all easily available from a nice menu.
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